The Vagabonds

a film by Doroteya Droumeva 

WORLD PREMIERE at FESTIVAL DE CANNES 25.5.2022 Special Screening 7.30 pm Varda Theatre

WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION by Porter & Craig Film Distribution

„The scorching hot drama that set the world-famous Cannes Film Festival on fire, telling the story of a bold and beautiful fortyish woman who prefers the company of Zoomer men in their early 20s, and isn't ashamed to go after them. Stylish, sexy, and seductive, The Vagabonds goes beyond the mere erotic and steamy to tell the story of a woman in search of genuine human affection and connection, against a backdrop of ageism, toxic masculinity, and double standards. A guaranteed must-see for female demographics of all ages and backgrounds.“

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A middle-aged woman with a preference for younger partners, mainly men in their 20s, searches for a genuine human connection while faced with societal double standards, prejudice and toxic masculinity.

Script and Directing: Doroteya Droumeva

Co-author Script & Directing: Martin Razhdashki

Shooting Location: Berlin, Germany 

Genre: Drama

Completion Year: 2022

Duration: 100 minutes

Language: English, German

Cast: Shirly Lev, Christian Wewerka, Sophie de Frenne, David Krzysteczko, Nikolai Tegeler, Nils Nadolny, Markus Bernhard Börger, Magnus Mariuson, Lisa-Katrina Mayer, Kris Kwiat, Jonathan Elias Weiske, Viktor Nilsson, Lavinia Heilig, Maximilian Braun, Martin Razhdashki, Egor Reider, Yasin Abdel Hamid, Peter Volksdorf, Onur Akkilic, Niklas Huda, Amielle Marie Baumann, Alex „Goldkuss Tresor“, Sarah Ponti, Simon Findlay, Mette Sander Koppelaar, Damian D. Martinez Dryer, LocaLaura, Stephan Jacobi, Dima Felix Holland, Jenny Galetski

Executive Producer: Doroteya Droumeva

Producer: Chelsea Brünger

Director assistants: Jasper Sörns, Sophie de Frenne

Director of Photography: Adrian Angehrn

Camera assistant: Nils Hansen

Composer: Falk Luka Wünsch, Hendrik Omun

Costume Design: Tanja Jesek, Carmen Abele

Sound Recordist: Rocket Loam, Alejandro Weyler, Vilte Gustyte

Make-up: Sophia Tschumburidse

Editing: Evanthia Afstralou & Doroteya Droumeva

Sound Designer: Orlando Pönsgen, Hendrik Omun

Titles Graphic Design: transparent-film

Director's Note:

It is a story that engages with the social taboos that stigmatise age gap relationships made up of an older woman and a younger partner as acts of sexual fetish.

Part of it focuses on the free and uncensored representation of female sexuality, especially when it comes to women over the age of 35.

The film aims to destigmatize relationships between older women and younger partners and to show that those could be possible at eye level.

I want to counter societal stereotypes and judgements in order to represent older women as the free, intelligent and sexual being that they are.

The Vagabonds is inspired by my own experience with younger men and dating apps, the situations and characters I have encountered on my quest for intimacy and love.

This story must be told because we still inhabit a world of sexism, prejudice and stereotypes and female perspectives are very rare in the world of cinema from men´s perspective (which automatically results in mansplaining so that men can keep the status-quo and their positions of power).